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Hydrangea Wreath

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Reading reviews in addition to product details may be not enough to consider Hydrangea Wreath useful to you or not. So that we'll tell you to try the item by yourself instead of tuning in about its good from us. You shouldn't be afraid to accept the new thing which can suit your needs and complement your style.

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Not for outdoor useDeep colors will add warmth to any spaceCreamy mix of vibrant buds and bloomsAt 24 inches this wreath makes an impression8.25.Diam (4lbs)Liven up your home with this lovely multihued hydrangea wreath. A creamy mix of vibrant buds and blooms make this decorative piece a summer sensation. Soft colored pom-pom style flowers surrounded by rich foliage create a look that's subtle yet inviting. This ornamental masterpiece is a nice focal point for a living room wall or display it on your front doorway to welcome guests.

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