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Nearly Natural 60" Frosted Magnolia and Berry Artificial Garland

Best Nearly Natural 60" Frosted Magnolia and Berry Artificial Garland Reviews

Best Quality Nearly Natural 60 Frosted Magnolia and Berry Artificial Garland

On Sale Nearly Natural 60" Frosted Magnolia and Berry Artificial Garland Wreaths & Garlands

Bring all your other decorations together with this 5' faux magnolia garland. Create your holiday layout on a mantle or sofa table by draping this around your other objects, and enjoy the high summer blooms in the dead of winter. Frosted pine and red berries complement the white of the blooms.Features:-Frosted pine and red berries complement the white of the blooms.-Dimensions: 5D x 6W x 60H-Model Number: 1368-4187

How to Nearly Natural 60" Frosted Magnolia and Berry Artificial Garland Guide , Best Wreaths & Garlands

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