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Multigreen Leaves Wreath in Hand Felted Wool

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A lovely home accent, for Christmastime or whenever you can't get enough green. Abundant leaves in a variety of greens form this 14 wreath, all hand-felted in 100% sustainable wool, around a bamboo core.Arcadia Home felt designs are hand-felted, hand appliqued, and lovingly created from 100% sustainable wool by artisans working in India. The facility where these pieces are produced is an award-winning model of sustainability, which runs on solar electricity, collects rainwater, and recycles water on-site. By collaborating with this artisan group, Arcadia Home is helping to preserve the tradition of felt making in the area, promote eco-friendly business, and provide fair and safe employment for hundreds of artisan felt-makers, sheepherders, and seamstresses.Arcadia Home is a member of the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise. Through our participation, we are aligning Arcadia Home with the Alliance's central missions: To preserve traditional art forms and techniques; to provide steady employment for artisans around the world (with an emphasis on women); and to foster economically viable conditions for the practice of craft. By purchasing this design, you are joining our efforts to support artisans worldwide. As handmade pieces, each Arcadia Home design is as unique as the artisan who created it.

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