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24" Colonial Wreath with Battery Operated Dual Color(R) LED Lights

Best 24" Colonial Wreath with Battery Operated Dual Color(R) LED Lights Reviews

New experience with our 24 Colonial Wreath with Battery Operated Dual Color(R) LED Lights, it will bring you to get the ultimate comfort that you've got not been observed anywhere before. We provide you both price along with product efficiency which can satisfy you. More info of product attributes and other details are for you on our official web site.

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This Colonial wreath is trimmed with red berries and pine cones and features Feel Real branch tip technology, creating a decoration with remarkable realism. It is pre-strung with 50 battery-operated Dual Color lights that change from warm white to multicolor with the touch of a button. The bulbs are low-voltage LEDs that are energy-efficient, long lasting and cool to the touch. A separate button controls the functions of 9 different light colors and actions. 6 hours ON/18 hours OFF timed operation. This wreath can be displayed on doors, walls and windows in indoor or outdoor locations.

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