Sunday, 18 May 2018

Autumn Blessings Fall Wreath Handmade Deco Mesh

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New! Full! Premium Deco Mesh Harvest Wreath. Outer ring is made of a beautiful, soft burlap deco mesh with orange metallic stripes. Green burlap ribbons along with premium, shimmering Autumn leaf ribbons surround the exterior. The inner ring is made of creamy, burlap deco mesh and is decorated with green and orange plaid burlap and gorgeous harvest printed ribbons. A large, colorful, rustic, tin sign with the wording Autumn Blessings' highlight the center of this wreath. The sign is decorated with autumn leaves, sunflowers and pumpkins with gold glitter. It is a large, full, premium wreath which is approximately 24 inches in diameter and 6 inches deep. Please see photo for size comparison.

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