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28" Large Harvest Wreath, Orange

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Do you tired of finding pro as well as con of solution before purchase yet finally it is not competitive with your expectation. This concern often happens with other goods normally but not with our products. 28 Large Harvest Wreath, OrangeX will make you forget about other products soon after first time usage, all of us guarantee our merchandise!!

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What a better way to decorate your home for fall than with our festive Pumpkin Wreath? Breathtaking autumn colors encircle a foundation of harvest pumpkins, brilliant gourds, and berry sprigs of russet and gold. Leaves in every stage of change balance the wreath and create a lovely decoration suitable for hanging anywhere a bit of fall splendor is desired. Height= 28 in Round X Width= 28 in Round X Depth= 28 in Round

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