Sunday, 18 May 2018

Cats Welcome Dogs Use Side Door Wreath Handmade Deco Mesh

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Cats Welcome Dogs Use Side Door Wreath Handmade Deco Mesh is designed and produced by next technology through experts. Which is the approach to boost the safety and also improve product proficiency to be better than before. That can serve the buyer needs more suitable. Cats Welcome Dogs Use Side Door Wreath Handmade Deco Mesh is extremely good product until you can't stop to recommend the idea to others.

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Full! New! Premium! Handmade All Season Deco Mesh Welcome Wreath. Colors are burgundy, brown, and burlap. An adorable large, wood, sign rests on natural jute deco mesh. The scalloped sign says Cats Welcome and is decorated with a row of adorable kittens. A smaller, wood, oval sign dangles from the bottom and says Dogs Use Side Door. Burgundy flutes and brown flutes with natural jute stripes are placed around the center of the wreath. The outer ring is made of burlap poly jute mesh with metallic brown stripes. Burgundy burlap and brown burlap surround the outer ring. Beautiful natural mesh ribbons with cream stripes are placed all over the wreath. The colors are beautiful together. Great for all cat lovers! Cozy addition to any home. Measurement is a large 24 inches and approximately 6 inches deep.

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