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Patriotic Kitty Deco Mesh Handmade Wreath

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Beautiful, New, Large, Full, Premium, Handmade, Deco Mesh Patriotic wreath. An adorable, large, tin cat rests on a bed of pure white deco mesh. This adorable kitty is all decked out in red, white and blue colors. She is holding firecrackers and has an Uncle Sam top hat, A colorful Patriotic banner hangs below. The center is decorated with red,white and blue mesh ribbons and flex ribbons. The outer ring is a shimmering navy blue deco deco. Gorgeous white flute mesh with red and blue metallic stripes are added, along with patriotic flex ribbons. It is so adorable, full and colorful. Size is large, approximately 24 inches in diameter and 6 inches deep. See photo for reference. Perfect for all patriotic holidays, classrooms, government buildings, law offices or home decor

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