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Cone Finial, Spruce, Basic Patina

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Please refer to the secondary image to view selected finish color.Although pictured here as a half-cone being used for a cabinet pull, envision as a normal, full cone and there you have an ideal finial for that smaller lamp. Difficult to cast with its small, closely packed petals. Basic Patina.Timber Bronze is a company that prides itself on the dedication that goes in to making each piece. The process begins by casting a shape in wax and loading it onto a wax tree. That tree is then sent to one of the world-class bronze foundries located about 25 miles from the Timber Bronze workshop location. This foundry puts the tree through a slurry process that takes about 8 days, starting with a slurry that is about the consistency of a milkshake and then working up to one that is fairly granular. Once the slurry sets on the tree, the tree is put into a furnace that melts the wax out. Bronze, which is a combination of tin and copper, is then poured into the resulting void and left to sit until cool enough to break it out of the hardened slurry. The items are then cut off of the tree and sent back to the workshop. The material is cleaned up and then put through the patina process, of which two finishes are offered. One is basic which leaves the item with soft, brassy tones, and the other is traditional, which leaves the item with soft coppery tones.

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