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Los Angeles 9" Night Lights Globee, Illuminated

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Using low quality goods brings you the undesirable results of inefficiency. It's same as buttoning up the improper one that makes the near to be wrong as well. Why do you have to endure with low quality product or service anymore? It's time to alter. We recommend you to try Los Angeles 9 Night Lights Globee, Illuminated because its good quality product from expert compared with others.

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Waypoint Geographic prides itself on creating unique geographic products for many uses. From wall maps that can be hung on a classroom or boardroom wall to world globes that make fantastic up-to-date decorative pieces and children's globes that can be used to educate the young ones. You will find a good variety of product that will provide new perspectives and creativity to the world we live in.See Los Angeles at night in the form of an illuminated globe. The Los Angeles Night Light Globee is 9-inches in diameter and comes with a chrome silver stand. The globe depicts all the major landmarks and tourist sites of the city as well as the major streets and some of the famous characters associated with it and includes a 16 page informational booklet. Makes a wonderful gift or addition to any room. This globe is illuminated using LED lights within the globe and powered by AAA batteries which are not included. You will never need to replace a light bulb!

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