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Replogle Hastings Desktop Globe, 12"

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Replogle Hastings Desktop Globe, 12 is designed and produced by next technology via experts. Which is the approach to boost the safety and improve product efficiency to be better than during the past. That can serve the buyer needs more suitable. Replogle Hastings Desktop Globe, 12 is wonderful product until you cannot stop to recommend that to others.

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The Replogle Hastings Desktop Globe charms with its contemporary geographical information presented in a classic Old World style. The 12 inch globe is 16 inches tall when resting on its walnut-finish hardwood base. A painted-metal die-cast meridian frames the sphere itself matching the color tones of the map and the stand. The semi-meridian features latitudinal calibrations and a time dial at the North Pole providing time zone information. The earth toned world globe features a beige colored ocean and rich pastel hues shading the patchwork of countries. The style features classic map attributes like compass roses cartouches and legends ornamenting the Replogle desktop globe. Place names are labeled in delicately lettered fine text. Small detailed drawings of sailboats designate the routes of early explorers.The map features a raised relief which means that the planet's topographical information is displayed on the desktop globe three dimensionally. The world's dramatic mountain ranges emerge strikingly from the globe giving it additional texture. The Replogle Hastings Desktop Globe is a remarkable model from the legendary American manufacturer's highly esteemed line.

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